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Painting Services

Kansas City and St. Joseph Painters

T&J Painting is a residential/commercial painting company specializing is all facets of residential exterior painting. This includes deck and fence staining and exterior wood repair and replacement. We proudly serve Buchanan, Clay and Platte Counties and have painted hundreds of homes over the years within these local communities.

What we do:

A good residential painting contractor will power wash your home in its entirety 2­5 days prior to beginning the prepping of your home. The house needs to dry back out completely before any caulking is done. If caulking is done without the house being dry moisture will be trapped behind the wood causing the paint to bubble and peel 2 months­ 1 year down the road.

All trim boards, lap siding seams, and sunken nail holes need to be re­-caulked completely prior to painting. This ensures a clean looking finished paint job that will last the entirety of the life of the paint. Any contractor that tries to caulk on an “as needed” basis will not give you the customer the most complete paint job that you are paying for.


All loose paint should be scraped and any bare wood, including any new wood installed, should be primed prior to painting. Any unprimed bare wood will fail shortly after completion of the repaint.

Most painting contractors spray the body paint of the home. This is done for many reasons including increased speed of painting your home but also to provide the most coverage of paint possible. Extra steps should be done to make sure that spraying the house is a success. These steps include:

  1. Covering all areas that overspray can effect such as windows, decking/fencing, concrete, and landscaping
  2. All areas sprayed should be rolled down immediately by hand to ensure proper bonding and uniformity of paint.

All trim paint should be done by hand after the body of the house has been sprayed. Trim paint should be done with two coats to ensure that the proper amount of coverage has been achieved.

Finally all trash and property of the contractor should be removed once the project is completed. Your house should be left in the same condition that is was when the project started.